first of probably many

oi. or as i prefer howdy. haha i´m in brasil, which if you are reading this you must already know, and my mother is concerned that i am wasting my ´´writing talent´´ SO i am going to start posting different things i notice here that are different from home, stories about strange things that happen to me, and just about any other junk i can think of. i don´t really have time at this exact moment but i will start posting things as they happen to me or as i remember them. i have already been here 2 weeks so i have some catching up to do ´cause let me tell you, when you come to a place where you don´t know anyone, the language, or your surroundings, strange shit is bound to happen and happen it did. soooo…sit back and wait to enjoy the wonders of my life….ahem…or something