i was thinking

that before i post any stories or differences or whatever maybe i should do what is right, and thank everyone that helped me get here. i know i bitch alot about it now that i am here but you’re right guys, this is a once in a lifetime oppertunity and i’m glad you didn’t let me pass it up. i haven’t been here long but i have already learned alot. lisa, thank you sooo sooo much. i know for sure that if it wasn’t for you i definitly wouldn´t have had money or probably the motivation in those last 2 months to even get here. thank you so much loring for helping with my new passport, all the time with my visa and being so generous with money for my plane ticket and everything else. mommy, i know you did what you could when you could and thank you for helping me first get things going and always believing in me no matter what. lori, thank you for making all those damn copies and helping with getting the second passport i just HAD to have. john, i know you miss me and i miss you alot too but thank you for still supporting my being here, i really need that, i love you. thank you to everyone who donated money to the pay pal that wonderful lisa set up, without your donating things would have been mighty difficult. christopher, emily, ben, i’ll be back soon and we’ll get right back to playing catch in the backyard, here honey let me fix your bangs and yes ben i will play a videogame with you. if i forgot someone i am sooo sorry email me and yell at me PLEASE i will deserve it! haha I LOVE AND MISS ALL YOU GUYS AND THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. i’ll be home before you know it.