i could die

yep, its true, i was told today that i could be shot for wearing my
american flag looking sandals. im here to learn the culture, to learn
the language, live the with people but i need to hide where im from.
truthfully i wouldn’t trade being an american citizen for about
anything i don’t think. sure there are alot of things wrong with
america but the way i see it is that there is alot more wrong with
about everywhere else. think that makes me some kind of martyr for
someones cause? i gave a pair of sandals just like mine to my host
brothers girlfriend, manu. i wonder if she thinks she will get shot
too and only took them to be nice. imagine how stupid someone would
have to be to kill someone for their shoes. Discrimination is a crime
here too. i am told you could go to jail for saying “preto” to
someone who is black. (preto is the color black and negro is a black
person). i find this out right before that fact that i could die for
who i am or where i am from. isn’t where you are born kind of like
what race you are?? makes me wonder…….