i really wish i knew what to write…hmmm i think i will list everything i miss..just cause its one of those PMSy kind of days : S
i miss john. alot. of course. i miss everything about him. i miss my mommy. i miss when we argue about stupid stuff, i miss being able to just talk about stuff (which is alot easier in person) i miss hamburger and tuna helper (not really but hopefully that makes you feel better haha) i miss lisa. i miss our goofy conversations about everything. i miss eating all of her food. haha i miss going and hanging out all day. i miss eating supper with whole fam damnly haha. i miss lori and stevie and going out to the house. i miss going to des moines. i miss big sweet dozer and lanky ackward lucy. i miss todd and his insane humor. i miss little ben asking me a million times if i want to play a videogame (which i will definitly do more now) i miss emily and always fixing her bangs ; ) i miss callan and driving around. i miss andrea and all of our talks. i miss lace and all the good times we used to have. i miss davey too!! 😀 i miss cows, not weird skinny cows like here but REAL cows. i miss little piggies. i miss actual milk (here is this weird stuff they call milk that can sit on a shelf for months until it has been opened), i miss american TV shows. i missed thanksgiving ALOT, i cried. i miss BASKETBALL. sooo much. i cried when i saw pictures of callan playing the first game. i miss coach boothe, the BEST coach in the whole world uncontested. i miss my team. i miss mt. dew and welchs grape soda. ALOT (soda here just ISNT the same…) i miss knowing everyone elses business. haha i miss american radio. i miss BIG TRUCKS. i miss pringles for less than 6 dollars. i ESPECIALLY miss salt and vinager pringles. i miss…george washington and thomas jefferson and ab lincoln..(american money if you didnt get it haha) i miss american chocolate (although a million thanks to lisa who sent me some! haha) oh i could name a million but i have to get going to bed. love you all!!! tchau